Global EMEA & SPW Enterprise IT

Everyone at Global EMEA is dedicated to providing their IT expertise to businesses and organisations across the globe. Whether it be here in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, the Middle East or even Africa, you can trust us to help with your IT assets using our cost-effective solutions and reliable customer care. Wherever you are based and whatever your business is, we would love to enhance your IT quality of life with our wide range of products and services.

Our partners at WhiteCanyon Software have developed WipeDrive – the world leader in secure data destruction – to ensure you get the job done safely and soundly. WipeDrive is easy to use and goes further than simply deleting a file or folder as it ensures all of the data you wish to be rid of is permanently deleted. The product has seen vast development over the years. From 1998 with its first iteration to WipeDrive 9.7, you will be glad to hear that WhiteCanyon has the customer in mind with their time and dedication to perfect the software you see today.

Our work with them has since resulted in countless happy customers enjoying peace of mind with the best in the business data protection. Here is what one of our clients had to say recently.

SPW Enterprise IT:

“We have been providing Asia with our expertise in data erasure, IT asset remarketing and environmentally responsible IT asset disposals since 2001, but we were in the market for something to improve our workflow efficiencies. That’s when we found WipeDrive.

We believe that people are continually at risk of leaking their data, whether it be by getting hacked or even disposing of their IT at unsecured scrap yards. Their data is being left up for grabs to criminals who can steal that data with commercially available forensic tools.

After getting in touch with Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA, we were introduced to WipeDrive’s excellence and, since using it, we can confirm that this is very much indeed the case.

WipeDrive really shined in three areas for us:

  1. Saving time;
  2. Increasing workflow efficiency;
  3. Being cost-effective for our clients.

Due to the complexities of working with various types of equipment in live environments, we wanted a partner that could quickly respond to on-the-job technical issues such as compatibility with more complex devices such as SANs and unique server environments. WipeDrive excelled in its turnaround time and provided us with a solution on the fly.

When our clients request a data wipe on their premise, we could transfer our licenses to a WipeDrive dongle and conduct the data erasure process conveniently on-site.

Overall, WipeDrive has delivered in its performance and ease of use. Data in devices that have been wiped with the software are absolutely irretrievable, ultimately ensuring our client’s peace of mind.

Thank you to all of the team at Global EMEA who has helped support us with everything we needed to know about WipeDrive. We can’t believe we haven’t been using it sooner and can’t imagine not using it from now until the future!”