How we can help

Fundamental to the sourcing and maintenance of a cost-effective IT infrastructure is an understanding of existing assets owned, current needs, global trends and the future direction of your organisation.

Global EMEA’s specialism is in tying all these threads together, developing coherent plans, and delivering adaptable and practical hardware and software, minimising waste while maximising returns.


- Best product evaluation section
- Analysis of existing systems
- Finance and Warranty Options
- Predefined PO to cost centres for budgets
- Image build/ staging



- Auditing and asset tag
- Installation assistance
- Ensure assets meet with compliance
- Maintenance support
- Asset tracking and future proofing data security


Support / Management

- Ownership management
- Upgrades and modifications/improvements
- GDPR compliance in-life solutions
- Assistance with new hire requests and redeployment


Retirement of IT Assets

- Data wiping for secure data erasure
- Removing assets from site securely
- Residual values calculated
- Full environmental compliance



- Review the effectiveness of previous IT assets
- Income gained from retired assets used to offset against new Capex
- Evaluate the future needs of the business
- Plan the next phase of procurement