Wipe your hard drive securely with WipeDrive

Are you sure your data is safe?

Reinstalling your operating system, formatting your hard drive or deleting specific files and folders doesn’t ensure your data is gone. In fact, in most cases your data is still completely accessible with freely-available tools. That’s because common methods of deleting data only remove the directory reference to the data so it’s no longer visible. That’s why computers can restore files from a “recycle bin.” They were never really gone in the first place!

Even using more thorough methods of erasing data or reformatting your hard drive may not provide the protection you need. Files leave physical imprints or shadows on your hard disk and skilled computer hackers can access your confidential data, even if it has been properly deleted or overwritten.

The world’s most highly-certified hard drive wiping software

WipeDrive ensures your data is completely erased and unrecoverable. WipeDrive uses military-grade, wiping technology that overwrites your data multiple times using Department-of-Defense-approved wipe patterns, ensuring that your data is unrecoverable, even using the most sophisticated tools.

How can I use WipeDrive?
  • WipeDrive is perfect for any situation in which you need to delete ALL the data on your storage drive including data, programs, and the operating system.
  • Need to sell or donate your computer? WipeDrive will completely wipe hard drive data so you can do so safely.
  • Is your computer infected? WipeDrive will completely wipe out viruses, malware, and other dangerous infections.
  • Is your computer running slow? WipeDrive will wipe hard drive data in preparation for a fresh install of your operating system and programs.
  • Want to re-use your computer for another purpose or person? WipeDrive will erase your personal data, programs and operating system and allow you to start over.
  • ALERT! WipeDrive is so good you’ll NEVER be able to get your data back. Be sure to backup any data you’d like to restore. If you only want to erase personal data while leaving your operating system and programs intact, try SystemSaver.
Bulk Offer

For Wipedrive 9 we offer bulk and other discounts according to the needs of the client, if you would like more information please either contact a sales representative directly on 0345 340 3105 or by clicking on “request a trial“.

Hard Drive Eraser Features

Completely Erase All Your Hard Drive Data

WipeDrive erases 100% of your data, operating system and programs. Erased data is impossible to recover, even with the most advanced tools.

Eradicate Stubborn Viruses, Malware, and Other Infections

Some infections just can’t be eradicated using traditional methods. By using WipeDrive, you’ll be able to start fresh with absolute certainty that any viruses, malware, or other infections are completely gone.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, or Any x86 Architecture

WipeDrive is compatible with all machines running on an x86 architecture including all versions of Windows and all versions of Mac in the last 10 years. In fact, you can run WipeDrive directly from a CD without even starting the operating system.

World’s Most Highly-Certified Wiping Technology

WipeDrive is the only software in the world that meets the NIAP EAL4+ certification which means it complies with most national and international wiping standards. Simply put, it’s the best wiping technology available today.

Trusted by U.S. Government and Fortune 100 Companies

WipeDrive is used, approved and used exclusively by the Department of Defense and the U.S. Air Force, and is a trusted provider for many Fortune 100 companies including GM and Humana. Now the exact same wiping technology is available to the public.

No Annual Subscription

WipeDrive doesn’t require any annual subscriptions or ongoing commitments.

Free Phone, Email, and Web Support

We know wiping your hard drive can be intimidating for some so we provide free support to help you with the process.

Hard Drive Destruction Your Organization Can Count On.

License for WipeDrive Data Destruction Software

Software Compatibility
  • All computers with an x86 architecture.
  • All versions of Microsoft® Windows®.
  • All recent versions of Mac (starting with OS X v10.6 “Snow Leopard”)
  • All flavors of Linux
Supported Hardware
  • Supports SSD erasure with option to select flash based storage media standards
  • Fast data erasure for ATA, SATA, SCSI, FibreChannel, SAS, and NVMe hard drives
  • Reports information about memory, processor, motherboard, pointing devices, display, floppy drive, keyboard and hard drive S.M.A.R.T. test
Deployment Options
  • CD
  • USB drive
  • EXE
  • PXE Network
  • RemoteWipe
WipeDrive Enterprise System Requirements
  • x86 Based Architecture
  • USB Port or Optical Drive for booting
  • 1 GB RAM
  • SVGA display and VESA compatible video card
WipeDrive Enterprise PXE Server System Requirements
  • x86 Based Architecture
  • USB Port or Optical Drive for booting
  • 2 GB RAM
  • SVGA display and VESA compatible video card
  • Network Card (additional network card required for remote logging)

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