HCL Technologies & Global EMEA

At Global EMEA, we are IT experts who understand that businesses need a structured approach for their IT to deliver in a changing world. We provide dedicated services to corporate clients within the procurement, configuration, support, maintenance, and end-of-life asset management services. We believe that the performance of IT systems should always be considered throughout their whole lifecycle. When it is time for an asset to retire, we will handle that in a secure, responsible and environmentally friendly way.

We are partnered with WhiteCanyon Software, a leading provider of security software employing permanent deletion technology to prevent identity theft. The company is engaged in the development, sales and support of hard disk utilities that leverage deletion and security technologies.

We have world-class expertise in data protection. A vast portion of our work entails working with clients to ensure compliance with legislation, data security and the ethical disposal of retired IT equipment. You don’t have to take our word for it; see what our clients have to say.

HCL Technologies:

“We used to have a local 3rd party vendor perform wiping for us by using the same software that we currently use, but just a quieter, older version. However, when we reached the peak of EOL and hardware refresh, we decided to initiate using WipeDrive.

This has been a fantastic decision, as it has not only saved us money but has also drastically reduced the overall process. We are now working in partnership and taking services from the UK’s reputable reseller, Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA. 

Not only did Global EMEA offer us sales support, but they also provided excellent technical support as well. Moreover, they helped us with a custom script that was entirely dependent upon our infrastructure and wiping standards, which has allowed us to complete the Wiping in just a few clicks! 


If we had to put the significant benefits of using Global EMEA simply, they would be;

  • Cost-effective (We are saving more than 50% in costs per disk/ wipe)
  • It is easy to use; anyone with basic IT knowledge can perform the Wipe
  • Expert technical support can help you with customised script to automate predefined settings (so no more repetitive clicks)
  • Does not consume license(s) for any failed drive(s) during Wiping
  • Never faced any technical issue (and we are in the consecutive second year)

We would like to say a big thank you to Maria and the team for all of their support from the very beginning when we procured WipeDrive. Even now, when we’re in full swing, the team’s support is still on-going. Whether it was late in the day or the weekend, Maria was always there to assist when needed. 

Again, thank you, Maria and the team!” 

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