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On Solution For Secure Wiping & Robust Diagnostic Tests

When mobile devices reach end of life, they must be sanitized, tested and resold. This process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. WipeDrive Mobile is comprised of four solutions for the mobile device market:

  • Eraser
  • Diagnostics
  • Switch
  • Verify

Implementing WipeDrive Mobile is simple and straightforward. WipeDrive Mobile is designed for corporate use or in ITAD warehouses that process high volumes of mobile devices before they are resold. Simultaneous wiping and diagnostics mean that your organization can process 32 devices at a time. This testing will decrease RMAs, provide tamper-proof audit reports and integrate into your current ERP system.

Wipe Sensitive Information off Your iPhone and Other iOS Devices

The proliferation of mobile devices presents a unique challenge to companies and organizations. Employee cell phones and other electronic devices present a security hole as devices containing sensitive company information are retired. As part of a comprehensive security policy, organizations need to ensure that these mobile devices are properly erased and disposed of. WipeDrive Mobile can help.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and Data Extraction

WipeDrive Mobile securely and permanently wipes iPhone, iPad, and iPod data. Simply deleting files on a mobile device doesn’t necessarily mean the data is gone nor does it provide a proper audit trail. To ensure the data is completely unrecoverable all data must be overwritten.

WipeDrive Mobile is initiated from a Windows PC. One technician can wipe large numbers of devices in a quick and efficient manner. Once the wiping process is complete, WipeDrive will generate an audit report to certify the data has been destroyed and to help you track your inventory. The device may then be re-used or recycled.

Auditable Reporting

WipeDrive Mobile provides bullet-proof, auditable reports to help you track erasures, limit your liability and protect your corporate data. You can save your reports in a variety of formats or export them to a database.

One Solution For Your Mobile Devices

WipeDrive Mobile for Eraser, Transfer, Diagnostic and Verify
  • Audit Report for each Mobile Device
  • Data Securely Erased and OS Reinstalled
  • Securely Erase 32 Mobile Devices Simultaneously
  • Fast and simple diagnostics process.
  • Extensive repair functions for apps and content management.
  • Full audit trail to verify and prove proper device handling.
  • Helps to avoid No Fault Found (NFF) returns and unnecessary repair centre deliveries.
  • No locked or stolen phones in your buyback pipeline.
  • Fast and easy diagnostics can be carried out in multichannel to avoid intaking faulty phones
  • Get the confidence that the phones are fully functioning when reselling them. More confidence to the customers
  • Smooth and fast transfer of all personal content between all major phone platforms.
  • Secure – no temporary files are created during transfer.
  • Includes support for secured backup to USB memory stick or cloud.
  • No separate hardware just download the solution.
  • Service for private use available at phoneswitcher.com
  • Easy Find My iPhone activation detection
  • Lost and stolen check
  • Make sure phones are ready to trade in

To find out how WipeDrive Mobile can be your Mobile solution, contact a Sales Executive.

Mobile Device Processing Your Organization Can Count On

License for WipeDrive Mobile Eraser, Transfer, Diagnostic and Verify Software

WipeDrive Mobile is licensed per use with unlimited installs. We offer bulk and other discounts according to the needs of the client. Please contact a sales representative by using our contact form.

Software Compatibility
  • All versions of Microsoft® Windows®
Supported Hardware
  • Supports SSD erasure with option to select flash-based storage media standards
  • Fast data erasure for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry operating systems
  • Reports information about memory, processor, OS, and 50+ other data points
WipeDrive Mobile System Requirements
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • USB Port (USB Hub recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • SVGA display and VESA compatible video card

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