Guarantee your data’s securely with WipeDrive 

With the release of WipeDrive 9.7, it is easier than ever to assure your company’s sensitive data remains secure even when your IT assets are repurposed or leave the company. 

Simply deleting your business’ files or performing a factory reset on your devices is no longer enough to guarantee your data have been removed. In most instances, your secure information is still easily accessible with readily available tools and software. Deleting your data only removes the directory reference, making it no longer visible in your folders or on your desktop. Even emptying a ‘recycle bin’ does not entirely eradicate the trace of your data. 

Files and data leave a physical imprint on your hard drive, and it is through these shadows that skilled computer hackers can gain access to your confidential data. Even using more thorough data erasure methods may not be enough to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands.


WipeDrive: the world’s most highly-certified data wiping software

With WipeDrive’s leading software, your data is completely erased and unrecoverable. By using military-grade wiping technology, your data is overwritten multiple times using Department-of-Defense-approved wipe patterns. Even with the most sophisticated tools, your data is unrecoverable.

How can WipeDrive protect your data?

  • WipeDrive can successfully delete ALL the data on your hard drive, including data, programs, and the operating system. 
  • Need to sell your computer? WipeDrive will completely wipe your device, allowing you to be confident your hard drive data has been erased.
  • Is your computer infected? WipeDrive can completely wipe out viruses, malware, and other dangerous infections, getting your computer back to a safe working condition.
  • Do you have a slow running computer? WipeDrive will wipe your entire hard drive ready for a fresh operating system to be installed.
  • Need to repurpose a device for another purpose or person? WipeDrive will erase all personal data and sensitive information and operating systems allowing it to be passed on in confidence. And with WipeDrive 9.7’s ALL-NEW drive life estimation, you will know an estimate on how long your refurbished device will last.
  • PLEASE NOTE! WipeDrive is so good you’ll NEVER be able to get your data back. Be sure to backup anything you would like to restore. If you only want to remove your personal data while leaving the operating system and programs intact, try System Saver.

Keep your Data Safe with the New and Improved WipeDrive 9.7

Increase the security of your data destruction with the latest release of WipeDrive’s hard drive wiping software. WipeDrive 9.7 is a new and improved version of the same highly-certified and globally-trusted software, with the following new features:

Drive Life Estimation 

WipeDrive can now provide a life expectancy for each drive by running both the diagnostic data and SMART data through analysis. Drives will then be categorised from Imminent Failure to Over 1,000 Days or anywhere in between. This brand new feature will help ITAD’s reduce RMA costs and provide customers with assurance on how long their refurnished drive will last.

PostgreSQL Database Compatibility

WipeDrive is now compatible with PostgreSQL – the world’s most advanced open-source relational database. With 30 years of active development, PostgreSQL is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Now you can rest assured that WipeDrive 9.7 can insert erasure reports directly into this management system.

Slot Mapping Configuration Utility

WipeDrive now has the utility to allow uses to configure any custom-built erasure machine with assigned drive slots. This update will enable customers to find and remove bad drives easily and simplifies the process of configuring a new wire appliance.

VNC Support for WipeDrive PXE Server

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is now a popular choice for companies allowing their employees to work remotely. This new feature for WipeDrive allows customers using a graphical desktop-sharing system to connect and view the WipeDrive PXE server from any location.

Failed Log Troubleshooter

With WipeDrive 9.7, the addition of a failed log troubleshooter increases efficiency by allowing the troubleshooting to be adjusted per log task without needing to reconfigure other logs.

Raid-Auto Option Now Available in HBA Mode

The raid-auto option has also been revamped and now applies when reconfiguring supported raid controllers into HBA (host bus adapter) mode.

Brand new features, utterly unique to WipeDrive 9.7.

  • Drive life estimation feature. This estimate is calculated by taking into consideration the values of the SMART attributes that are commonly associated with drive failure. This feature is meant to give you a rough guide to the drive’s remaining life and is in no way a warranty or guarantee.
  • Now supports logging to PostgreSQL databases.
  • A slot mapping configuration helper utility has been added.
  • Drives are now displayed in sorted order.
  • Each wipe operation now has its own copy of the wipe options.
  • Custom patterns now also support using hex characters to define overwrites.
  • User field prompts will now display the drive serial number when using the job-per-drive option.
  • The raid-auto option now also applies when reconfiguring supported raid controllers into HBA mode.
  • Hardware test completion time is now recorded when logging into the database.
  • Support has been added for connecting to the PXE server via VNC.
  • Now includes the option to select which results the screen tab should receive focus by default.
  • Support has been included to aid the PXE server for logging into NTFS-formatted USB drives.
  • Now possible to reconfigure one failed logger without forcing you to reconfigure the other loggers.

The updated and improved hard drive destruction you can trust.

For a complete list of changes and updates in the 9.7 release, visit Our Change Log.

If you would like more information on the latest edition to the WipeDrive Enterprise, please contact us on +44 (0) 345 340 3105.

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